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Exhibitions on cultural history and represents regional, but also
international artists and architects with whom Villa Palagione has special relationships.

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  "Amici di Frank Lloyd Wright" and Villa Palagione - Centro Interculturale

Aaron Green
The evolution of
organic architecture
by Frank Lloyd Wright

28.september -
12. Oktober 2019
Loggia di Palazzo Pretoria

Exhibition and birthday party for Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday
6-18 June 2017 Volterra, Logge di Palazzo Pretorio.

The 2017 exhibition in Volterra presented the architect and artist Frank Lloyd Wright as a pioneer of modern architecture and an advocate of organic building.
It is supported by the "Amici di Frank Lloyd Wright" group and the cultural center Villa Palagione organizes.
The retrospective on the architectural visionary documented the development of his creative time with pictures, films and drawings and was the most extensive exhibition in Italy on the occasion of Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday.
Almost simultaneously in New York in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) from 12.6. - 1.10.2017 the anniversary exhibition "Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Un-packing the Archive" will take place with original exhibits.

Exhibition 2013
Painting & Sculpture
Valerio Trafeli - Mauro Stefanini - Gianpaolo Minuti

6 October - 16 October 2013
Opening ceremony 6 October 2013 at 5pm / Meet the artists 13 October 2013 at 3pm

Exhibition in Villa Palagione

Licio Isolani- From Volterra to New York

Exhibition about the contemporary artist Licio Isolani, from Volterra to New York.
Exhibition 2003

Licio Isolani was born 1931 in Volterra, Italy. Now he is Senior Associate Professor at Pratt's School of Art and Design, New York.
Licio Isolani died in New York in 2015.

The Volterran sculptor Raffaeolo Consortini.

In Villa Palagione there
are bronze sculptures by the Volterran sculptor Raffaeolo Consortini exhibited.

Raffaello Consortini
Uno scultore di Volterra
(1999, 7 Min.)

Exhibition 2010
Squares of Europe, Squares for Europe
Public squares are an essential cultural heritage within the structure of European towns, designated for accommodating the various representative expressions of political and religious power, but also serving as a venue of participation, assembly and socialisation both nowadays as well as in the past.

Exhibition 2009
- Californian architect
After the highly regarded exhibition in 2007 on the event of the 140th birthday of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, precursor of modern and organic architecture, the association "Amici di Frank Lloyd Wright"
is proud to present a further themed exhibition in October 2009. “Touching the Soul" presents the Californian architect Arthur Dyson along with his completed and projected works.

EcoArtFestival 2008
Dialogoi visible art - Video - Dia - Performance - Poems - Music

Frank Lloyd Wright: Forerunner to Modernism

Exhibition September 29 - October 28,2007
This exhibition in Volterra arose from a desire to honor the architect and artist Frank Lloyd Wright on the occasion of his one hundred and fortieth birthday. The exhibit will be held at the Villa Palagione The retrospective on this architectural visionary will be a multimedia presentation of pictures, films, drawings, and models, presented in Italian and English so as to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Exhibition 2006
"The Langobards in Tuscany - Germans became Italians"

This historic and culture exhibition was about the two centuries Lombard Kingdom of Italy (from AD 568 to 774) and especially in Tuscany

Exhibition 2001/2002
Otto the Great and Europe.

Volterra- from Otto I. to the Comune

The exhibition at the city of Volterra shows the dimensions of the historical role that Otto the Great played about thousand years ago in Europe. The exhibition presents also a cross-section through the cultural history of Volterra from the tenth century to the end of federation of states.